Strawberry Shortcake has got to be up there in the list of favorite Southern desserts. It's that perfect balance of salty and sweet, simple to make and incredibly satisfying to eat!

While strawberry season only lasts a short time during the spring, fresh strawberries are available year-round. But they often lack the flavor that fresh-picked strawberries have. Luckily, the all-natural strawberry flavors of Pennington's Strawberry Rye are a perfect way of boosting up that berry flavor, while giving a little spice of pure rye whiskey to boot! Don't worry, there's not enough whiskey to get you drunk, just enough to add flavor!




2 cups Self-Rising Flour

2 tbsp Granulated Sugar, divided

1 stick Butter

1/2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

3/4 cup Buttermilk

zest of 1/2 lemon

2 Tbsp Pennington's Strawberry Rye



1 lb Fresh Strawberries, sliced

1/3 cup Granulated Sugar

1/4 cup Pennington's Strawberry Rye

zest of 1/2 lemon

1.5 oz Lemon Juice



1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream

2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar


To Make the Shortcake:

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine flour, lemon zest and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a mixing bowl. Cut in the butter until the pieces are pea-sized. Blend buttermilk with vanilla and pour into flour mixture. Mix until combined - but do not over-mix. Turn dough out onto floured flat surface and either roll or pat with hands to approx 3/4 inch thickness. Cut into squares and place on a baking sheet so sides are touching. Brush with Pennington's Strawberry Rye and sprinkle with remaining tablespoon of sugar. Place in center rack and bake until golden-brown, approx 15 minutes. Once baked, remove from oven and let cool.

To Make the Strawberries:

Combine all ingredients in a non-reactive stainless steel or glass bowl and mix to combine. Refrigerate for at least two hours to extract juices from the strawberries. 

To Make the Whipped Cream:

Pour cream into a metal mixing bowl and place in freezer to chill for 20-30 minutes. Remove, add sugar and whip until stiff peaks form.


Assemble your Pennington's Strawberry Shortcakes:

Slice each shortcake in half. Place a small dollup of whipped cream on the bottom of the plate and set the bottom half of the shortcake on top. Top the shortcake with a couple spoonfuls of the strawberry mixture (including juice!) and whipped cream. Add the top half and repeat with strawberries and whipped cream. Add a sprig of fresh mint to garnish and serve.